Our Services

We have a fully equipped service centre behind our sales showroom. As per our norms, all products sold by us comes with a guarantee of six months / one year. This guarantee is fully honoured by us, due to the fact that we have all the facilities at our service centre to repair, rectify and test our products. We also do servicing for third party products. The facilities available at our service centre are

  • Load cell for load testing hydraulic jacks ( Capacity upto 500 Tons ).
  • 6″ Feet lathe for machining small jobs.
  • Radial Drilling Machine.
  • Diesel Bath ( Capacity : 60 Litres )
  • Hydraulic Power Pack ( For Load Testing )
  • Hydraulic Hand Pump ( For Load Testing )
  • Work Shop press for assembling & de-assembling.
  • Hydraulic Floor Crane.
  • Power Tools & Hand Tools ( Vast Range ).
  • Digital Verniers, Bore Gauges, Depth Gauges &various Calipers
  • Spare Repair Kit & Spares for a wide range of hydraulic equipments.

The Awesomeness.

We have been operating our service centre from since January 2004 at the same address. We undertake servicing jobs also for hydraulic jacks, hydraulic pumps, power packs, special purpose machines, pipe benders, water testing pumps, material handling equipments etc., Please call us to help us schedule your job order.

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